Price Guide

Universal Wet Seat Covers  $190 a pair

Suitable for Bucket seats with or without Side Seat Airbags

Tailored Head Rest Covers  $30 a pair

 Suitable for universal fitting Wet Seat cover

Tailored Console Lid Cover  $30

Tailored Front with Headrest Covers $295 a pair

 Suitable for Bucket seats with* or without Side Seat Airbags
DSC_0002 - Copy
Please note all tailored covers compatible to seats where the Side Seat Airbag deploys from within the seat trim must include a slit opening running the length of the Airbag Seam-Refer below image in a SR5 Hilux2013 Hilux SR5 Driver

Tailored Front Bench or Bucket and 3/4 Bench Cover $330


Tailored Mid Row or Rear Cover $330




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