Just how tough can a set of seat covers really be?

It’s no secret that the crew here at 4WD Action spend an extraordinary amount of time in our 4WDs. In fact, it’s not unusual for staff members to clock up more than 100,000km in an average year of touring the countryside to bring you the magazine that you love. It should come as no surprise to learn that our 4WDs have seen a lot of wear and tear over the years as well.

under_coverOne of the areas that had been showing some signs of abuse in my own GQ Patrol were the seats. Not only do I spend a lot of time in the Patrol, I also spend a lot of time getting in and out on photo shoots, and it’s that sort of use and abuse that will wear a seat out in no time.

stripAt the start of the year I fitted a set of Wet Seat covers to the front seats, in an effort to slow down the deterioration of the driver’s seat. Since then, the external wear and tear has all but stopped. In the last six or so months, the GQ has travelled up and down the east coast and hosted more muddy photographers and their gear than I can count. The Wet Seat covers still look as good as the day they were fitted.

Made from the same material that you would find in a wetsuit, the covers do a great job of keeping your seat dry and looking good, no matter how grubby you get them. One of the standout features is that it only takes a few minutes to remove the covers and hose them off if the mud and muck gets a little too much for your liking.

Removing and refi tting the covers is about as simple as it gets. Held in place by a couple of sturdy velcro straps, the fit is excellent and also very secure. If I had to make one gripe, it would be that the headrest covers do not fit as neatly and snuggly as the main cover, but this isn’t really a deal breaker. The covers are available in a huge range of colours, and in most popular 4WDs you can match them to the colour of your original interior.

detailIn fact, the quality of the Wet Seat cover is so good that many manufacturers (Toyota, Holden, Ford and Mitsubishi to name a few) are now offering them through their dealerships.

The Wet Seat covers are easy to fit in just a few minutes, and best of all, are compatible with late-model 4WDs that are equipped with side airbags. Prices start from $179 per pair and are available from TJM Megastores, or you can buy online through the website at www.thewetseat.com.