The Wet Seat


The Wet Seat is Australia’s most trusted neoprene seat cover, the range of covers are aligned with the Australian way of life in mind, so whether its hard at work, playing in the mud or surf we’ve got your seats covered.

Made from 2.4mm UV safe neoprene The Wet Seat is highly water, abrasion and chemical resistant, they are easy to clean and very comfortable to sit on all year round. All covers include sharkskin rubber that is safe when fitted to cloth, leather and vinyl trims, the ribbed sharkskin grips onto the seat without movement, which in turn eliminates wear to your seats.

We have two options in covers for the front seats, universal and tailored! The universal option is our innovative cover that fits most bucket seats with removable headrests with or without Side Seat Airbags, the fitting of these covers is so easy, check out the video of them being fitted to a Ranger on our Fitting and Care tab.

If you need coverage to the back of the front seats then the tailored Wet Seat cover is what you are after, not only is this option 100% vehicle specific but it offers complete protection to all parts of the seat including the back of the front seat where the soles of young childrens shoes  scuff.

All middle and rear covers are vehicle specific and facilitate for split folding seats, fold down armrests and anchoring points for child restraining seats. Check out some of these covers fitted in our Product Gallery.

The Universal Wet Seat cover as seen above fitted to a Prado 150 is a cover designed for fitting onto front bucket seats with removable headrests and to be compatible to Side Seat Airbags by way of not covering the Airbag Deployment Zone, this option represents great value for money at only $190 for the pair or $220 with tailored headrest covers.

Please note the Universal Wet Seat cover does not cover the back of the front seats
 Wet Seat Colours 3


* Please check with us if the universal fitting Wet Seat cover is suitable for your vehicle, some of the vehicles that this cover is not suitable for include Grand Cherokee, Wrangler, LC80 LC79, Toyota 86, BRZ. For these models tailored covers are available, click through to our gallery to see pictures of the tailored covers available for these plus many other vehicles.